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MMG understands that sustainability is the efficient combination of economy and ecology.

For us, the responsible use of resources already started with the company building in Mayen, which was newly constructed in 2017, taking into account ecological, economic and social aspects, equipped with the latest technology and operated efficiently using only renewable energies.

Conversion of the vehicle fleet

Most of the MMG fleet has already been converted to hybrid and fully electronic drive technology and the in-house electric charging stations are also available to our visitors for charging their vehicles.

Low C0â‚‚ emissions in production

The extraction of primary aluminium products from alumina is very energy-intensive process and plays a significant role in MMG's trading portfolio. Conscious of our global responsibility, we take care to purchase from producers with low CO2 emissions. Our suppliers mainly produce with energy from hydro and wind power. We can deliver our products to our customers with the appropriate certificates.

Use of recycled materials

Sustainability is also expressed as part of MMG's mission statement through our strong commitment to the secondary aluminium market. Aluminium scrap is disposed of by our customers and picked up in the market for efficient reuse. Our products are thus manufactured in various remelting plants using one hundred percent recycled material.

Efficient combining of
economy and ecology

Resource-saving and low-carbon production is becoming ever more important for the trade and use of aluminium products. Customers are increasingly expressing the desire for a sustainable supply. MMG actively supports this by developing and implementing recycling concepts that not only help the customer to benefit economically from the use of the scrap produced, but also allow them to act ecologically and responsibly in the process.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our planet faces massive economic, social and environmental challenges. To address them, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of the United Nations, define global priorities and aspirations for 2030, and represent an unprecedented opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and put the world on a sustainable path.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action for governments, society and businesses to fulfill the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

 MMG is also aware of its responsibility and pursues these goals together with its partners.


MMG's goal is to be climate neutral. For 2023, 66% of the reported amount of CO2 was offset. This makes MMG a climate-friendly company. The projects support 7 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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