Rolling ingots
Casting alloys
Extrusion billets
Forged parts
Special products / services

Special Products
We produce and supply aluminium products with alloy parts of up to 30% and very pure metal with an aluminium content of up to 99.996%. Here, we also count on the latest technology that does not correspond to the usual manufacturing methods. In this sector our range includes hydrostatically pressed products, raw material for sputtering devices and pure aluminium in different forms.

Research ad Development
We conceive custom-made solutions for customer-specific requirements in cooperation with our suppliers. When required, we support you with our in-house research and development team in the areas of metallurgy, casting and process engineering.

Metal Management
We advise you on the identification, recording, assessment and control of risks, e.g. those caused by market price fluctuations. Furthermore, we work with you to develop management programmes for risk minimization specifically adapted to your company. Our long-standing expertise in commodity trading offers the basis for developing optimal problem solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

When required, we conceive systems for metal supply and/or scrap metal disposal, remelting of  scrap and we are able to establish consignment stocks to supply flexibly and quickly to our customers.