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We are one of the leading suppliers of aluminium casting alloys in Germany. We are able to offer almost all popular primary and secondary alloys from qualified sources. The deliverable quantities range from a few hundred kilograms for small requirements up to several thousand tons for large customers.

Central warehouse locations
Our warehouses are located in the Rhine-Ruhr area and Rotterdam.

Comprehensive product portfolio
In the primary sector, we deal with high purity alloys of the type AlSi5 to AlSi13 in numerous variants, with AlZn10Si8Mg, AIMg3 and Rotor Aluminium. Preferably, these are continous casting ingots of western provenience with unit weights between 8 and 15 kg. Our pure aluminium ingots are ideal for the fine adjustment of the analysis of your casting production. Our portfolio of course also includes standard ingots in 99.7%- or 99.8% quality as well as high-purity variants up to 4N6.